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I will be running a

PEER TO PEER support group for survivors

in my local area Havant Hampshire.  The group will be held on first Monday of the month at United Reform Church North Street Havant. Starting at 19:15 til 20.45 This group will be for women only.

If you want your Peer to Peer support group added to this page please contact me.  Lets get a list to fill this page so we can be able to help survivors take cover and find support and a safe space

Take Cover flyer..jpg

Testimonial  from a lady who attended the first  group meeting, with permission

You have done amazing.  I feel so much better after last nights meeting.  It was so nice to finally talk to other people who have been in a similar situation, it's what I always wanted to do.  I will never be able to thank you enough for all your hard work in setting it up..............

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