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Be the you, you're meant to be

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The impact of child sexual abuse on me and all survivors is life-long. ‘Over the years I have abused my own body, because I was violated, raped, and indoctrinated for so long, told I was evil and worth nothing, so I believed it. ‘I would inflict pain on myself, self-harm and overeat, just so I could mask the pain inflicted on me. As well as chronic PTSD I have short-term memory loss caused by the trauma, anxiety, disassociation, flashbacks and nightmares.’

As ‘Survivors of abuse we have suffered so much as children and as adults our needs deserve to be met. What I am discovering is that by looking at my past, not to change things, which I can't, but to try to understand them, gives me the power to face the present and the future.

“Speak quietly to yourself & promise there will be better days. Whisper gently to yourself and provide assurance that you really are extending your best effort. Console your bruised and tender spirit with reminders of many other successes. Offer comfort in practical and tangible ways - as if you were encouraging your dearest friend. Recognise that on certain days the greatest grace is that the day is over and you get to close your eyes. Tomorrow comes more brightly...”

Mary Anne Radmachera

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