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Taking Cover

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

My mantra is 'I am the me I'm meant to be' now that's all very well if your whole being is included in that precedent. I believe you have to be true to yourself in order to be true to others, in order to be able to give of yourself. I have come to a place of pulling on the brakes as my mental/physical health has taken a dip. I have had meltdown at work and my anxieties are heightened. Covid19 has shaken up all our lives, brought out our vulnerabilities. Has made us change our daily lives and adapt. I have CPTSD and this has impacted me because of the abuse I suffered as a child. So time for me to self care and acknowledge my feelings the ones I have suppressed. In all I do, say, be on a daily basis I feel I have to give 1000% just because of my past. Time to stop deal with the why's time to for now Take Cover is having a couple of months break. Know though that I have been working behind the scenes and once I am back new doors will be opened especially in my local community, as well as work collaboratively with others locally. More content will be added to website. I have a book in me too combining my love of my photography and words. A mindful book that in any given moment can support ground help survivors.......... My message to you peeps is, be true to your self, acknowledge those feelings and know it's ok. Acknowledge if your anxieties are heightened, acknowledge YOU.....Bumps in the road happen and brakes are there to stop those falls in their tracks in order for you to mend........

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